Angels of Fashion

Of all things important to E.T., nothing compares to his love and devotion for his family – Wife and children. In this particular interest, his Wife started a pediatric cancer foundation to help provide financial assistance for single parents of children going through the indescribable difficulties of cancer treatment. Certainly, there are many organizations that assist in providing financial support to pay medical bills.

However, single parents often incur more terrible financial burdens than the medical bills. Selflessly, these parents have to be in the hospital with their children to provide the love, encouragement and emotional support they need during these terrifying times. If for no other reason, they need to be there just to hold them.

As a result, they cannot afford to lose time from work as many have other children who depend on them for financial support, as well. Courtney’s unique “understanding” of cancer and the impact it has on a family was the impetus behind Angels of Fashion.

Of the many charities FTL supports and promotes, nothing gives him more pride then what Courtney has done for these precious gifts when she started Angels of Fashion. (Just ask him about it.)


Bugles Across America

Commanders at all levels recognize the importance of paying final tribute on behalf of a grateful nation to honor our nation’s veterans. Honoring requests for Military Funeral Honors reflects the personal pride and esteem placed on military service and displays military professionalism to the Nation and the world. For the playing of Taps, a live bugler is preferred, either military or civilian. E. T. Fernandez, III is proud to play a part in this ceremony – showing respect and honor for our nation’s veterans.

Showing Our Support

In addition to Bugles Across America, the Fernandez Trial Lawyers are proud to support a number of local charities throughout Jacksonville. Explore all of these in the gallery below!